Beauty recommendation! I recently bought Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner and brush and I gotta say, they’re both very impressive. However, they’re both insanely expensive (I had a gift card). If you’re in the market for a gel liner, I would recommend purchasing the brush over the eyeliner for sure. It’s around 30 bucks so it’s not so cheap either, but it is straight up the best brush I have ever used. Splurge on the brush, but pick up Maybelline’s gel liner instead. I really didn’t notice a huge difference between the actual pots, but I have noticed how much of a difference this brush makes.

Also, I went to Sephora originally planning on buying Benefit’s new eyeliner pen, but after testing it on my hand, I hated it. Terrible consistency, hard to manage, just overall not my thing.

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  2. contrasts said: this. brush. is. my. life. not even exaggerating, I love it. I live for it.
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  4. oldpinebones said: good to know! i’ve been needing a brush for my gel liner and everything else has been a real letdown.
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