TIFF Review: The Green Inferno 

Last night’s screening of Eli Roth’s new film was the most energized I’ve been to. People were fucking pumped to see this movie, and it delivered on its promise: violence, gore, and cannibalism.

Though I can’t say I’m thrilled with the concept of portraying indigenous people as cannibals, the film is ultimately less problematic than you would expect. It’s a criticism of “slacktivism” and the whole “white savior college kids going to fight the good fight with their iPhones” attitude, and it works. Apart from a few moments here and there (I love dumb toilet humor but there’s a specific moment that felt weird and lazy, though I won’t spoil it), the movie is actually pretty intelligent.

But, lets be honest, you’re here for the gore. It’s there. It’s a gross fucking movie. My roommate was actually nauseous during the first big scene. It also has a few jump scares here and there, but blood and guts are the stars of this film, and they shine. 

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    I am very excited to see this movie sometime in the future.
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  8. polar-bear-princess said: Sounds similar to Cannibal Holocaust, which I know he’s a fan of. Hopefully it isn’t as problematic as that film. I’ll give it a watch when possible!