Stories We Tell is an intensely personal documentary by Sarah Polley, who has yet again proven herself to be one of the best filmmakers working today. In the film, she documents the story surrounding her late mother, told through interviews with the people she came in contact with, as well as old home movies. Polley masterfully puts the story together in a way that is both respectful to her family, yet painfully truthful and expository. Each medium she uses to tell the story (and there’s quite a few of them) overlap so seamlessly that you often can’t detect just how many different things are going on at once. 

I don’t want to discuss the actual content in too much detail, because it’s so much more rewarding to discover it on your own. I will only say that you will watch the film and see yourself, your family, and your past. Personally, I was blown away by how much I related to the story they tell, and the people who played it out. You will finish the film with a greater sense of perspective toward your own life. It is really and truly a fine piece of work, and anyone with the desire to tell stories (of any kind) should look upon it for guidance and inspiration.

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