After seeing To The Wonder this afternoon, I hopped over to the TIFF Bell Lightbox to check out Upstream Color. I watched Shane Carruth’s film Primer a few days ago, which was pretty cool but I didn’t really connect with it. By some strange magic, I managed to connect deeply to both of the films I saw today. 

I would tell you what Upstream Color is about, but I don’t want to spoil it for you. If you’re lucky enough to live in a city where it’s playing, I recommend it completely. It’s a fascinating science fiction/romance that will definitely keep you guessing. It’ll also creep you the fuck out, especially if you don’t like the idea of parasites. I’ve already said too much.

Shane Carruth wrote, directed, starred, shot, scored, produced, edited, and distributed this film himself. No, seriously. You’d think he would shit the bed on at least one of these roles, but he kicked major ass. Especially cinematography and music. It’s pretty impressive to still be able to deeply compliment those two things, having watched a Terrence Malick film an hour before. They ended up being two of the film’s strongest elements.

It’s weird as hell, in the best possible way, and I can guarantee you haven’t seen anything like it before. Like To The Wonder, it will challenge the hell out of you. But if you’re up for it, Upstream Color is for you. 

You might never look at bacon the same way, though.

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