Movie Review: Nobody Walks

I had the pleasure of seeing this at the TIFF Bell Lightbox yesterday, which is the fanciest fucking theatre I’ve ever been to. Seriously. It’s the type of place that only hires good looking people. And it has more than one bar.

Anyway, it was a great place to see a movie, especially a damn good movie (which this definitely is). It’s an intimate story about a young artist staying with a friend of a friend to finish her film. Over the course of her stay, there is a whole lot of sexual tension. A whoooole lot. But the tension is built beautifully, not just with actor chemistry but some seriously beautiful sound and image. 

One thing I loved about this film was the fact that it was from a distinctly female perspective. It covers female sexuality at three different stages, and the difficulties that arise. It’s a topic that I don’t see covered often enough, or properly. I felt like I related to a lot of it. It’s also a film without heroes or villains, just people doing shit that, in hindsight, probably wasn’t a great idea.

Though this was co-written by Lena Dunham, it really feels nothing like Girls (I can’t compare it to Tiny Furniture, as I haven’t seen it and don’t intend to). So, whether you like that show or not doesn’t really matter, because it feels dramatically different. 

Overall, it’s an interesting, small film that packs a pretty big punch. I don’t think it’s playing in very many theatres, but if you’re American, it’s been available on demand for about a month now. I recommend it.

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