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Wow. This documentary looks compelling as fuck. I can’t wait to seeing the final product, and in the meantime I’ll be following their tumblr.

(And to the Princeton girl who quotes Confucius while wearing one of my Stay Wild necklaces, if you’re out there, feel free to drop me a line and say hello. I sincerely hope you’re well.)

On a real asshole


Assholes have to come from somewhere. And its well known that American women, especially, have a preference for Alphas and Betas who, in our dog-eat-dog, laissez-faire socio-economic climate, are naturally and neccesarily Assholes. They in turn have kids that turn out to be, you guessed it, assholes. If women were to be less alpha-seeking there would in turn be fewer assholes. If they were to be more alpha-seeking there would in turn be more assholes. Direct correlation and causation. That “misogynist hate speech” Is true whether you like it or not.

You submitted this ignorant turd of a response twenty-three times in a row. Hell, you were still submitting it as I posted this. Do you have any idea how fucking creepy that is? Ugh. You’re a creepy creeping creep. Know that about yourself.

You’re also just plain wrong, and you don’t get to claim that your misogynistic point of view is well known. In fact, whenever you feel the self-satisfied urge to use the phrase “it’s well known,” just substitute the phrase “creeps believe” so that at least you’ll be telling the truth.

Now, as for what you creeps believe, please just stop. You’re wrong, not just on the face of things, but deep down to the core of your very being. You’re wrong at such a fundamental level, that even bothering to pick apart the wrongness of your conclusions is a waste of everyone’s fucking time.

Your argument is a jumble of failed logic and self-righteous frustration that hinges on the ridiculous notion that being an asshole is some kind of hereditary taxonomic distinction. It’s not.

For instance, you’re an asshole. Where did you come from? Is it because your mother had a preference for alphas? (Alpha and beta are ethological terms that none of you idiots ever use properly, by the way.) No, you’re not an asshole because your mother has a preference for alphas. That’s insane. You’re an asshole because you walk around with a sense of entitlement with regard to women, and when women don’t treat you how you feel you deserve to be treated, you blame everyone except the loser in the mirror.

You wanna know where real assholes come from? Real assholes are the end result of misogynistic belief systems like the one you so desperately need to be true. Real assholes are the ones who think they’re the put-upon “nice guys” who never realize how fundamentally disrespectful they are to women. Real assholes listen to the absurd rantings of uber-assholes like Stefan Molyneux and then use his angry shit-stack of pseudo-sociological nonsense to try and justify all their simmering narcissistic rage.

You, sir, are a real asshole.

in other news my friends and I ran into Kenny Hotz (from Kenny vs Spenny) at a bar last night and it was terribly awkward

This summer I had a top chop and a side bae but I was gonna change the side bae to top chop status until he dumped me via text for his own top chop (I was HIS side bae) and I was pretty mopey but then I saw ex side bae have sex with his new top chop at the nude beach so I got even mopier and tonight I’m cooking dinner for the tried and true top chop so I guess things are as they should be

the end

i only ever clean my room when a boy is coming over which is fucking ridiculous because have you ever seen a boy’s room?????

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My internet has been gone for a month and the last few days have been, uh, a little rough, but I SAW JODY SAWYER FROM CENTER STAGE OUTSIDE A RESTAURANT THE OTHER DAY and I almost screamed but that would be impolite but I regret it now

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